WHO are we

Wawasan Destiny Resources is first and foremost a service provider of language and translation skills in the region. Registered in Malaysia (company no: 001886098-U), it aims to provide high quality multilingual translation services as well as expert interpretation services for every major industry, working closely with clients to bridge language barriers as well as helping them communicate effectively in every foreign environment and in any given field. Our divisions, namely Wawasan Destiny Translators and 1 Global Translations cater to the Asian region and global markets, respectively.

Our Mission

To exceed our client’s expectations via producing flawless translations and striving towards a long term relationship with our clients.

Our Vision

To expand our presence as a global player and contribute to developing the world economy with our superior quality services.

Our Strength

We are able to provide uncompromising quality in translation services, with speed, accuracy and in more than 50 languages.

Creativity, reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of our work.